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Dog grooming at Hundesalon Muenchen West: Phone: 089 70 95 06 60

In the Hundesalon München-West all dogs are cut by hand with scissors or hairy fur structures are trimmed by hand and with the greatest care.

This method is the only one that allows a design based entirely on the individual fur and the breed.

As far as possible, we always work without tying devices. The dogs, regardless of their size and weight, are cut free-standing or with the greatest care with the help of the tables. Our tables and bathtubs are adjustable in height, which enables dogs to climb into the tub or on the table independently. This promotes trust between the dog and the groomer. All of our measures allow me to respond individually to the needs of each dog. For example, older animals can sit down or lie down, depending on the part of the body that is currently being worked on. This takes a little more time, but in my view it is much less stressful and more animal-friendly. In order to allow the dog to stand as still as possible on the table, we kindly ask you to hand the dog over and pick it up again after the finished coiffure. We know from experience that dogs always try to see what their owners are doing or even defend them. However, if the owner is not there, this natural urge disappears and the dogs relax much faster.

Through our large window panes, you can always take a look at our salon and be sure that your darling is not missing anything until you put him back in your arms.

The techniques and working methods were learned at one of the most renowned salons in Europe over many months and are constantly being further developed.

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Dog care and Services

  • Bathing and blow-drying

With the most modern equipment we can serve any dog ​​size.

We only use the highest quality care products.

If requested by the customer, the use of vegan shampoos is also possible.

  • Little care 

Includes: bathing, blow-drying, claw, paw and ear care, hygiene-cut on the anus and intimate areas

Also very suitable for very hairy short-haired dogs.
Can be combined with a thalasso treatment.

  • Complete Coiffure


Little care (see above)
Hand stripping hard-haired breeds and / or cutting by hand with scissors according to customer requirements, easy-care result for everyday use, for show and exhibition area according to breed standard and customer requirements.

  • Special Puppy Package

Includes: Acclimatization to animal care tailored to the puppy / young dog from the tenth week of life.

  • Individual care advice on animals
  • Individual cutting advice on animals
  • Medical baths according to a veterinary doctor's order
  • Trimming nails with clipper and/or Dremel
  • Sales of care products for home use

For example: Brushes, shampoos and so on


The prices depend on the maintenance effort. This depends on many factors. For example, the breed, size, coat, condition, age of the animal and of course your individual wishes.

As a customer, not only the price should be in the foreground, but also what quality and performance you will get for it.

You are welcome to receive an individual price for your dog and individual service by phone or, if possible, by visiting my salon.